About Dirt Monkey

If you work in the landscaping, excavating or construction industry, then you know that moving dirt is ALWAYS a pain. Whether you’re looking for some dirt, or you're digging on a site and you're looking to get rid of dirt, it's always a hassle. An expensive hassle. DirtMonkey.net was co-founded by someone that's been in the landscaping and excavating for 30 years, so we fully realize the headache that finding fill dirt can create. That's the reason we created DirtMonkey.net. We are a website designed and built for anyone that works in the dirt.


Since there are no brokers, the savings are up to you. Simply login, and enter the location of your job site. Enter the type of fill, how many yards and who to contact. That's it. The site will automatically create a pin on the interactive map of fill dirt listings that all the other users can see. You can also see their job sites on the same map. If you find a location that works for your needs, just give them a call directly. No brokers, no hidden fees, no B.S. We know this site will work for your business and save you time, so we offer a completely free trial - no credit card necessary. If you like it, it’s only $20/month. Seriously.

Finding the dirt you need without the expense of a brokerage fee will help you bid jobs more competitively. You can know ahead of time what fill is available, and how close it is to your site. Many times our members have found dirt that is completely free. Again, this is between you and the other member, so help each other out and work together to get the best deal possible - for both of you.